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Hi everyone, It's been a while after Virgin Invader and now I'm proud to present my new project "Atelier Tia".

It's inspire by Odin Sphere and Oboro Muramasa from Vanillaware and Atelier Series from Gust.
Atelier Tia is 18+ action/beatem up game with comedy theme and fighting challenge.
If you're bored because of too many RPG/Maker projects or game over rape type games. Atelier is a good choice for you!

Project Name : Atelier Tia
Type : Action/ Adventure/ Fighting
Theme : Alchemist/ Comedy/ Hentai
Fetishes : Victory Reward/ Game Over Rape/ Ryona/ Rape/ Monster/ Yuri/ Futa/ Mind Break or Control

Current Version : Demo V0.04 (04/11/2016)


(if you can't start game. Please read "Readme-Can not start game" in game folder)

<V0.04 log>
- Game become exe file, no need to install.
- Add Gamepad Type1 and Type2. You can config in Option.
- Fixed up/down buttons bug in keyboard config.
- Guard no longer reset attack and jump.
- Dive Attack animation when ground slower a bit.
- Add "Readme-Can not start game" in game folder.

Game Detail (when finished) :
- Most of images are animate
- Comedy theme with cutscenes
- 8 stages (Prologue Stage in demo not count)
- 40+ enemy types (35% female, 5% futa and 60% for male and monster)
- All stage boss are hot girls that Tia need to punish
- Total 80+ sex sprites!!! for both Tia and female enemies
- CG Animations!!!
- Upgrade and Equipment System (Not implement yet)
- Alchemist Items that will help Tia in this dangerous(pervert) adventure.
- Very Easy to Very Hard difficulty (Only Normal for now. You can change it in option but no effect)
- Gamepad Supported (Can't config buttons but maybe in the future :P)

MenZ Studio - Blog :

MenZ Studio - Patreon (Suppoert &News) :

Hope you enjoy the demo. If you find any bugs or want to comments.
Feel free to let me know about it ^.^


Published Dec 13, 2016
StatusIn development
GenreAction, Adventure, Fighting
Tags18, alchemist, hentai, sprite
Average sessionA few seconds