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Action/Fighting game with NSFW content. Play as villain and invade girls's kingdom. (18+)

You can see screen shots, video trailer and try demo here :



Buy Now$13.50 USD or more

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Virgin Invader V1.1(Uncensored).rar 411 MB
Virgin Invader V1.1


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How do I uncensore the game? Downloaded the Uncensored-version but it is not.
And the Resources from your blog don't work either. Or does it just uncenore the images? Can you help me?

Sorry for that.  It's uncensored only CGs.

Seems like a fine hentai game.

(also try to go on Nutaku.net does as well have hentai games, but just a few more H-Games that are either for free or not free).

I'm getting lots of bugs. I can't get past even level 2 without errors. Backgrounds don't appear, certain enemies don't appear, and then I get error about sprites.

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- Game has memory leak bug that happen to you when die and continue. If you continue like 40+ times without exit game. It maybe occur.

- Make sure no missing files. Go to images/character/(folder with character name that error show) and look that .gmspr that show in error is missing or not.

- If it's still errors and can't find a way to fix. I will refund to you.

It's definitely not a memory leak as I haven't died and haven't even passed the second area. When I enter area 3 of level 2, I get the first Execution error, but I can ignore it and keep playing, though there's no background. Same with the second Execution Error. In the area after that, where I assume there's a boss, I get the final Error. If I ignore it, it keeps happening. I checked the files and couldn't find the obj_scene_skip in any of the folders.

I do enjoy the game. Other than these issues I think it's very well done, so I'm hoping we can find a fix instead of a refund.

EXECUTION ERROR in creation code of room room2_pre
Error in code at line 3:
background_index[0] = global.background23;
at position 31: Unknown variable background23


EXECUTION ERROR in creation code of room room_scene2
Error in code at line 4:
background_index[0] = global.background24;
at position 31: Unknown variable background24


action number 1
of Draw Event
for object obj_scene_skip:

Trying to draw non-existing sprite.

The error come from memory problem. The game engine load data to video ram. If you using laptop with intergrated graphic card that can be the cause. Engine can't load more images into game and obj_scene_skip can't find background.

I;m not sure it's happen to you only 2nd stage or not. Try change data in save.ini and change 2=456852 . So you can use continue and skip to 3rd stage.

Seem to be working now. Thanks!

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Still can't access to download link?

hey boss, just waiting on that password for the zipped files.

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Oops! my bad. Password is ohvirginyeah

Sorry, I put the wrong link (one with password). Will change the link.


no problem dude! thanks so much for putting the effort into this, i think you are doing a great job and i hope you keep it up!
anything i can do to keep you doing this great work is worth it to me.

Thanks XD

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It's OK for you to said my game is bad or crap.

But please add reason why? not just said bad or crap.

Because some people don't even read or know what button is dash/evade, what button is guard.


I can´t believe that you have the nerve to charge actual money for this piece of crap game! LOL